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Founded in 2009, bioDrill is an agile product development company focusing on renewable energy products and services. We provide easy to use, turnkey products to help high school teachers and community college professors teach STEM concepts with confidence.

With input from students and collaborations with industrial practitioners, teachers, and university researchers/professionals in renewable energy technology development, we are able to downscale authentic renewable energy production and conservation technologies and create effective and innovative teaching/learning tools. We provide these tools for teachers to help students get engaged in learning, become critical thinkers, and develop skills needed for STEM careers. While using our products, students can actually have fun and develop STEM related skills as a byproduct.


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bioDrill presently has 6 key employees whose backgrounds include experience and skills in microbiology, chemistry, engineering, manufacturing, strategic & operational planning, human resources, and general management. Our CEO will operate as our chief outside salesperson for the company.

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We provide the energy for learners to acquire and enhance STEM skills.

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  • Address: Corn Hill Office Building ,
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